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Impact bar craddle

Under loading point

Designed exactly on demand



Any size required

6 m/s max

-10 to 50°C

3 to 11

Perfect fit & Strongest design

Type :

Position :

Technology :

Ease of installation:

Ease of maintenance:

Sizes available:


Temperature range :

pH range :


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Get the Job done!


The idea :

Tailor made impact craddle designed, produced and shipped within few weeks

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The result :

Stronger structure than adjustable ones (no weak point)

Perfect fit during installation (even adjustable system can't adapt to all situations)

Designed by TechnicGum in Belgium

Produced and assembled in European Union

Why is it better ?

Other solutions                                 vs                                      ATLAS

Idlers are spaced and limited absorbers

Not efficient sealing

Because height and width are not adjustable, standard design would need anyway a lot of modification and adaptation during installation

Articulation = Weak points

More complexe =more expensive 

Impact bars are continuous and have high absorbing capacity

Flat surface for top notch sealing

Designed directly to fit the conveyor

No modification or adaptation needed

No Weak point


Every single details on the ATLAS impact bed is produced with "Perfect" and "Strong" keywords in mind:

Please note the ATLAS impact bed, Shock absorbers, entrance idler support and the SealBloc skirt are sold separately

Product range

Any dimensions available

- Lenght of 1200mm or 600mm

- Impact bar th. 50mm or 75mm


- Regular shape

- Transition shape (near the tail drum)

- U shape

- Adjustable (for light conditions only)

- Any special design

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- Heavy duty shock absorber

- Entrance idlers

- All or part made of stainless steel

Good to know

The combination of the  ATLAS  impact craddle and reinforced  SealBloc skirt  gives the loading point the best sealing and belt protection


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