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Type :

Position :

Ease of installation:

Ease of maintenance:

Temperature range :

pH range :


Skirt clamp

Sides of conveying



-10 to 50°C

5 to 9

Ergonomy and fast

Get the Job done!


The idea :

A strong clamp to make skirt adjustement and replacement super fast and easy

The result :

The BigBen-3 is an assembly of 4 strong and galvanized steel parts that can be adjusted to many different thickness

Why is it better ?

Other solutions                                 vs                                      BigBen-3 clamp

Bolts need tools and a lot of time to be operated

When bolts are rusted or clogged, it can be very long to change it

Few seconds operation

If rust or clogging damaged the BigBen-3, it's very easy to change some parts


Every single details on the BigBen3 was designed with "Ergonomic" and Fast" keywords in mind:

Please note the Gemini skirt and the BigBen3 clamp are sold separately

Product range


- Galvanized steel on standard

- Stainless steel light model : BigBen-2

Good to know

The combination of the  BigBen-3  skirt clamp and the dual sealing  Gemini skirt  gives a very easy to use high efficiency sealing system

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