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Type :

Position :

Technology :

Ease of installation:

Ease of maintenance:

Sizes available:


Temperature range :

pH range :


Returnable double sealing skirt 

Sides of conveying

Adjustable mobile external seal




5 m/s max

-10 to 50°C

5 to 9

Top notch result design

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The idea :

A strong first skirt to stop material with a additional flexible mobile skirt to encapsulate the smallest dust

Polyurethane reinforcement on key zones and possibility to reverse the whole assembly to double the lifetime

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The result :

The Gemini skirt is a long lasting and top result sealing system

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Gemini v2 R01.png

Designed by TechnicGum in Belgium

Why is it better ?

Other solutions                                 vs                                      Gemini skirt

Simple skirt can only stop biggest material

Double skirt system has single lifetime

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Gemini skirt maximises the sealing

Gemini v2 Rt.png
Gemini v2 R00.png
gemini reversible.png

Gemini skirt is reversible for double lifetime

Junction on single skirt has sealing issue

Twin raccord jonction.png

Gemini skirt is made of 2 separate part that can be installed staggered to improve sealing

Gemini raccord jonction.png


Every single details on the Gemini skirt was designed with "Top sealing" keyword in mind:

Please note the Gemini skirt and the BigBen3 clamp are sold separately

Product range


- High abrasion resistant polyurethane and rubber in 20m rolls

- Special quality on demand

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Good to know

The combination of the  BigBen-3  skirt clamp and the dual sealing  Gemini skirt  gives a very easy to use high efficiency sealing system

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