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Type :

Position :

Technology :

Ease of installation:

Ease of maintenance:

Sizes available:

Speed 1 way:

Speed 2 ways:

Temperature range :

pH range :


Wear compensation multi-blade

Primary cleaner

Patented dual-shore rubber



500 to 1400 belt (...2200 NT-HD)

2 m/s max (4 m/s NT-HD)

1,5 m/s max (2,5 m/s NT-HD)

-10 to 50°C

4 to 10

Versatility and Cost effective

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Get the Job done!


The idea :


Segment the scraper into several small ones each having their own structure, elasticity and adjustement

- Lower part made of abrasion resitant rubber

- Higher part made of elastic rubber

The result :


The RacloFlex NT can adapt any situation and usage with a high cleaning result

Due to its strong and specific design, the RacloFlex NT is very efficient on 2 ways belts

Designed by TechnicGum in Belgium

Produced and assembled in European Union

Why is it better ?

Other belt cleaners                               vs                                 RacloFlex NT

Wear Gap due to lack of adjustement

No Gap

Rubber bloc size - Quantity of elastomer ±10g versus competitors


The structure is exposed to severe condition in the most dirty place of the conveyor


The structure is perfectly protected to ensure a long lifetime


Every single details on the RacloFlex NT have been developped with "Inexpensive" and "Polyvalent keywords in mind

Demonstrations :

Product range


- Wear resistant Tungsten carbide : 1750 Hv / 93 HRA 3x10mm (5x10/NT-HD)

- Impact resistant carbide : 900 Hv / 66 HRA 5x10mm

- Wear resistant Aluminate ceramic : 1200 Hv / 75 HRA 7x10mm

- Food grade Stainless steel: 180 Hv / 15 HRA - 5x20mm


- Standard design sent in short time

- Heavy Duty Design 1400-2200mm belt : RacloFlex NT-HD

- Special quality rubber bloc (ex: oil resistant)

- Any special


- All or part stainless steel

- Multitool Key

Good to know

Installing jointly the  RacloFlex  and the  RacloFlex NT  is an easy way obtain the best cleaning solution available


Position Calculation

Use our online Position calculation tool to know exactly how and where to install primary cleaner

 RacloFlex NT 


 RacloFlex NT-HD 


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