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Type :

Position :

Technology :

Ease of installation :

Ease of maintenance :

Sizes available :

Speed :

Temperature range :

pH range :


Wear compensation mono-blade

Secondary cleaner

Patented inside levers system



500 to 1400 belt (...2000 SwHD)

3 m/s max (5 m/s SwHD)

-10 to 50°C

3 to 11

Easy & Quick operations

Get the Job done!


The idea :

Inside lever system transmits and equilibrates pressure to make the blade adapts its shape

« Give me a fulcrum, and a lever,

  I will move the world »


The result :

There is never a gap in the center of the blade

= top-notch cleaning during all the life of the cleaner

Designed by TechnicGum in Belgium

Produced and assembled in European Union

Why is it better ?

Other belt cleaners                             vs                               RacloFlex Sw

Wear Gap

Pollution in between blades

Danger of torn blade

Important clogging


Many bolts and Operations

No Gap

No Pollution

No Danger

Reduced clogging

2 seconds Fixing/Unfixing


Every single details on the RacloFlex Sw have been developped with "Easy" and "Fast" keywords in mind:

Quick fixings blade, shaft and pressure / Lightweigth & Strong / Ergonomic and Safe


Product range


- Wear resistant Tungsten carbide : 1750 Hv /  93 HRA 3x15mm (5x20/Sw-HD)

- Impact resistant carbide : 900 Hv / 66 HRA 5x10mm

- Wear resistant polyurethane : 25mm³ /DIN53516-10N

- Hydrolisis resistant polyurethane

- Food grade polyurethane


- Standard design sent in short time

- Heavy Duty Design 1400-2200mm belt : RacloFlex SwHD

- Double blade assembly : RacloFlex Sw Duo

- Any special


- All or part stainless steel

- Pulling pressure

- Shifting rings

- Multitool Key

Good to know

Installing jointly the  RacloFlex Sw  and the  RacloFlex   is an easy way obtain the best cleaning solution available


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