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Temperature range :

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Reinforced modular sealing skirt

Sides of loading points

High quality polyurethane



1000 or 1200mm

3 m/s max

-10 to 50°C

5 to 9

Adjustable & Strongest design

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The idea :

Strong module made of high quality polyurethane

The result :

Strong sealing skirt specially usefull on loading point where the pressure and impact are maximum

Designed by TechnicGum in Belgium

Produced and assembled in European Union

Why is it better ?

Other solutions                                 vs                                      NBB skirt

Flexible rubber skirts are not strong enought for important pressure or impact

Maintenance on simple rubber skirt is long, difficult and not efficient

Can sustain important pressure or impact

Quick and easy mainteance for top notch result


Every single details on the NBB skirt was designed with "Adjustable" and "Strong" keywords in mind:

Please note the ATLAS impact bed, the Shock absorber support and the SealBloc skirt are sold separately

Product range


- High quality polyurethane

- Abrasion resistant rubber

- Mini size polyurethane

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Good to know

The combination of the  ATLAS  impact craddle and reinforced  SealBloc  gives the loading point the best sealing and belt protection


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