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Technology :

Ease of installation:

Ease of maintenance:

Sizes available:


Temperature range :

pH range :


Proportionnal centerer

Return or carrying belt

Patented conical roller



500 to 1600mm belt

3 m/s max

-10 to 50°C

3 to 11

High belt protection

Get the Job done!


The idea :

If the covering of the belt is not the same on each conical side rollers, their rotation speeds are not the same and generate a disequilibrium of forces on each sides, making the upper part rotate

The result :

There is no minimum movement of the belt that is centered all the time due to the continuous and proportionnal action of the centerer

Designed by WA Manutention in France

Produced and assembled in European Union

Why is it better ?

Dangerous edge contact

Does not work on 2 ways belt

Maximum belt care

Work in any direction & up-side-down

Different system for return and carrying belt

Polyvalent unique solution

Complex spare parts replacement

Few second spare part replacement


Every single details on the STAR tracker have been developed with "Easy" and "Performance" keywords in mind
Quick adjustments without mistake, convenient design with top notch result

Tests & Demonstrations:

Product range


- Wear resistant high friction rubber

- High wear and chemical resitant polyurethanne

- Special quality rubber


- Standard adjustable design sent within few days 

- Heavy Duty Design : STAR HD

- Any special design



- All or part stainless steel

- Standard plates for return belt

- Security clog

Good to know

For heavy duty and special designs, we offer the special production  STAR HD  


​Since 1964

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